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by Barry @ 12:47AM, 09 Jun 2021

After the suggestion of an oekaki board, we've decided to implement it as an option by default, just like we did for Flash.

Using it works as you'd expect: when you post something click the "Draw" button instead of uploading a file. What ever you draw will be made your image. Don't forget to check "Replay" if you want people to be able to watch how you drew it!

This update makes tremendous use of Tegaki by desuwa, and probably wouldn't have happened if it weren't for Tegaki existing already.

We're also adding a report post feature, in an effort to increase moderation. Just tick the post(s) you want to report, select a reason from the drop down menu, and click "Report". We'll be alerted to the report quickly.

This is a nice chance to remind everyone that we do read and consider all suggestions. A lot of the features on the site have been your ideas. Please do post ideas on the site or in the IRC channel.

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